Herschel Walker issues statement on cancel culture

ATLANTA — Today, Herschel Walker issued a statement about the dangers of cancel culture. Earlier this week, Herschel gave an interview where he defended Joe Rogan as the media is trying to silence him and cancel his popular podcast.

“Cancel culture is destroying our country from within, and we must put a stop to it,” said Herschel Walker. “In America, you should be able to speak your mind without fear of retaliation. Sadly, if you are not in lockstep agreement with the mainstream media, you will be canceled. It doesn’t stop there, however, as we are now seeing companies and big tech refusing to do business with organizations who do not bow down to the media’s agenda. This is the opposite of what America is all about. As Georgia’s next U.S. Senator, I will do everything I can to protect your freedom of speech and ensure there is no place for cancel culture in this great country.”