Warnock Voted to Lift Sanctions on Terrorists

Monday, August 15, 2022

ATLANTA – Today, Team Herschel released the following statement after Raphael Warnock voted against preventing the removal of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs), despite twelve other Senate Democrats voting in favor. The IRGC, a branch of the Iranian military, has long been linked to funding and supporting terrorist groups, including Hezbollah and Hamas. Just this week, the IRGC was linked to the attack on author Salman Rushdie.

“Raphael Warnock has done more for America’s enemies than the people of Georgia,” said spokesperson Mallory Blount. “The IRGC has funded, supported, and participated in terrorist activities and human rights abuses around the world. Raphael Warnock’s failure to hold them accountable for their actions is unacceptable. As long as Washington Warnock is in office he will continue to blindly support Joe Biden, even if it means voting against the safety of Georgians.”