Message From a First-Time Georgia Voter

Hi! I’m Haley, a 32-year-old native Georgia girl. I lived out of state and out of the country for the past ten years but found my way back home this last year to plant some roots and start a family of my own.

I have never voted. Honestly, No one has truly inspired me enough to get to the polls and I’ve always viewed politics as a negative thing.

This standpoint completely changed, when I hosted an event at work where Herschel Walker spoke.

First and foremost, this man loves Jesus Christ. He loves to serve his brothers and sisters in Christ, and he is truly trying to be a light in this dark world. He believes in our country. He believes in our military. But, most importantly, he believes in the Ten Commandments.

Herschel Walker, thank you for taking a stand for God and for the state of Georgia. I can’t wait to wear my “Run, Herschel, Run” pin with pride and check the box next to your name for the very first time!