Warnock Votes to Mask Toddlers

ATLANTA – On Tuesday, Raphael Warnock voted against Senator John Thune’s resolution to end Biden’s mask mandate for toddlers in Head Start programs. The mandate extends to all children two years of age and older, staff, volunteers, and contractors. Biden’s unconstitutional, authoritarian mandate even forces children in Head Start programs to wear masks while they are on the playground. What’s more, Raphael Warnock was recently spotted not following the very same mask mandate he imposed upon his constituents.

“Raphael Warnock and Washington Democrats are the last people who should be making decisions for American parents,” said Herschel Walker. “However, Senator Warnock is yet again blindly supporting the Biden Agenda, even if it means mandating masks for two-year-olds. This is unacceptable and will change when I’m elected.”

This vote occurred only days after countless outspoken Democrats attended the Met Gala and Washington Correspondents’ Dinner unmasked. What’s worse, Raphael Warnock was recently seen unmasked on a plane, even though a mask mandate was in place (photo below). Democrats continue to give a whole new meaning to hypocrisy.

“Last week, Senator Warnock said the problems caused by his voting record weren’t his fault — because he’s not a magician,” said campaign spokeswoman Mallory Blount. “By voting to continue to mandate masks on kids – despite not wearing one himself on a plane and being perfectly fine with journalists, Hollywood celebrities, and liberal elites having a maskless dinner in DC last weekend – Senator Warnock has shown he cares more about what Joe Biden thinks than what Georgians want. Georgians don’t want a magician, Senator – they just want you to do your job. You’ve failed again.”