ICYMI: Herschel Walker Joins Morning Xtra, Talks Inflation, Reconciliation, Veterans, Senate Race

Saturday, August 6, 2022

ATLANTA – On Friday, August 5, Herschel Walker joined the Morning Xtra, 106.3 FM, at the Marietta Diner. They discussed the current state of the Senate race, wokeness in the military, the recent attacks on Herschel, Herschel’s plan to lead in the U.S. Senate, and the future of Georgia.

“We’ve got to remember: Russia, China, and Iran are not talking about being woke right now, they’re talking about war,” said Herschel Walker. “We have to get our men and women prepared to go to war. And right now, with what this administration and Raphael Warnock are doing, our people in the military are going to be killed. We’ve got to get out of this and get them prepared for war.”

During the interview, retired Army Col. Mark Churchwell called in to discuss his experiences visiting military bases and veterans groups with Herschel and the incredibly positive impact Herschel had on these heroes.

“[Hereschel] came down and we took him to Kings Bay. Two years after that, I took him to Fort Stewart and I took him to Hunter Army Airfield…we would pen up the theater, he would visit the hospitals and visit staff and then we had an open forum where he would come in and talk to the active duty guys,” said Colonel Mark Churchwell, Ret., U.S. Army. “He would get in there and speak to those people, in packed standing-room-only theaters…and talk to all the veterans and explain his problems and explain what he has gone through…every day, twenty-four veterans commit suicide, and fourteen a day get addicted to drugs…Herschel got out there and spoke to those guys…and you know, he gave them hope…Like I said, his whole role in supporting veterans has been incredible. Long before he was running for office when no one was looking.”

To listen to the full interview, click HERE.