ICYMI: Herschel Walker Holds Press Conference with Local Business Owners

Friday, August 5, 2022

ATLANTA – On Thursday, August 4, 2022, Herschel Walker held a press conference with local business owners in Milton to cover the disastrous reconciliation bill Warnock has committed to vote for and how it would hurt their livelihoods.

To watch the full press conference, click HERE.

“With this reconciliation bill, all they’re doing is adding more taxes on our people… and then the worst thing that we can do right now is increase taxes, especially when we’re going through a recession,” said Herschel Walker. “Raphael Warnock mentioned to everyone out about a week ago that he’s looking forward to supporting this bill. And I have one question: is he looking forward to crippling the American manufacturers? Because this bill is going to disadvantage a lot of the manufacturers here and across the United States, and China now is going to have more of an advantage over us.”

At the press conference, Gabe Chatham, the Vice President of Chatham Neighborhoods and the Immediate Past President of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association, also spoke about the impact this bill will have on him and other businesses across Georgia.

“The pattern we’re seeing with our current president and Mr. Warnock is that they’re creating new taxes, and this reconciliation plan has the potential to add $350 billion worth of taxes, ” said Gabe Chatham. “If you think about the home building industry, for instance, there are 1000s of pieces that go into that home, and that’s obviously manufactured across the country. And so there’s a big trickle-down effect that we see from taxes like this. And so, one thing I appreciated about Herschel obviously he was a name before he jumped into this race, but what we’ve seen out of him, he’s the kind of guy who wants to sit down and talk about specific issues with people who have their hands in the dirt every day. We’re excited to get behind a candidate like this who’s going to do an enormous amount for us.”