ICYMI: Herschel Walker Joins Hugh Hewitt

Thursday, October 6th, 2022

ATLANTA – On Thursday, Herschel Walker joined Hugh Hewitt on his nationally syndicated radio show to address recent claims and the state of the U.S. Senate race in Georgia.

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A transcript of the interview can be found below:

HH: Joined now by Herschel Walker, candidate for Senate in Georgia. Good morning, Herschel. Welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show.

HW: Hello there. How are you doing?

HH: I’m good. I want to begin, Herschel. The Daily Beast has updated the story about your paying for a woman’s abortion. The anonymous woman has now also alleged that she had a child by you. Your response?

HW: I say the same thing I said, that you know, I know this is untrue. I know it’s untrue, and they keep telling me things like that, and it’s totally, totally untrue. And I’m not sure why that would be told. I know nothing about any woman having an abortion. And they can keep coming at me like that, and they’re doing it because they want to distract people. I know that, because you know, I’ve already been forgiven. And if I’ve been forgiven, why in the world would I not be forgiven of something like that? And I’m not going to have been forgiven…

HH: So…

HW: Go ahead.

HH: Is there anything you need to be forgiven for vis-à-vis a woman whose name we do not know? Do you know who this woman is? And do you need to be forgiven?

HW: No. Well, that’s what’s so funny. And I’m saying I’ve been forgiven because of all of the things I did when I went to my, the thing with my ex-wife and all that, and things I did I don’t know how many years ago that I wrote in my book. I forgot. I wasn’t perfect. I had my problem with mental health. And I was, I’ve been, I hate to say I’ve been born again, but I have a new life. And I’ve been moving forward, and had that happened, I would have said it, because it’s nothing to be ashamed of there. You know, people have done that, but I know nothing about it. And if I knew about it, I would be honest and talk about it, but I know nothing about that.

HH: Herschel, it was not on my question set until they reupped the story this morning and added to it a new allegation. So just to put a bow on it, do you have any idea who this alleged former lover of yours is who says you paid for an abortion and fathered a child? Any idea whatsoever?

HW: I have no idea at all, and that’s the problem, is you know, when they said I had a kid that I was hiding, a lot of people don’t know that this same reporter found out that this was not true, never wrote a retraction, never said anything. They just let it go and went on. In this case here, they’re saying oh, some alleged woman, and now it’s somebody that you used to know or you know so well and this and that, and I said yeah, they can say a lot of things, but I know for a fact no one has ever told me, or I paid for an abortion. That never happened.

HH: All right, I’m going to move on. That’s a complete denial, and we’ll wait for the Daily Beast. No one else has confirmed the story, but I saw it moved five hours ago, so I wanted to ask you. I want to talk to you about your son, Christian Walker.

HW: Yeah.

HH: This has got to be painful for everyone in your family, but what do you say to Christian about these videos he’s released, these texts he’s put out?

HW: Oh, dear, I said I love Christian. I love him with all my heart, always have, always will. And I love the, and I say little boy, I keep saying little boy. He’s not a little…

HH: We lost you there, Herschel. Yeah, your phone just clicked out on us when you’re…we’ll get you back…And he’s back. So Herschel, you were talking about Christian and that you love him very much.

HW: Yes. Yes, I love him, love him very much, and I will always love him. And as I was just saying, the left seem to want to bring up my past, and they don’t realize like bringing up my past is like trying to rob my old house. I don’t live there anymore. You know, I’ve moved on, and my life has moved on, and now I’m out doing something else, and I think they’re not. But I will always love Christian, and I think everybody knows that. I’ve, you know, I think they’ve seen me talk a lot about this little boy, and I love him so much.

HH: Have you sat down with him during the campaign?

HW: No, I haven’t. I haven’t sat down with him since this story came out about me having other kids. I haven’t sat down at all then, and that’s what I told everyone. I said guys, I haven’t sat down with Christian since he started believing, I think, when he started believing that I had other kids, never told him about it. And I think he’s extremely hurt from that, and that was totally, totally not true. And that’s what’s so sad, and we haven’t talked about it. And you know, then this came out, and that’s why I say I love him. I love Christian. I love him with all my heart. And you know, he’s a young man now. And so when he’s ready, I’m here. He can talk to me.

HH: Now I want to close this up, but I want to make sure I understand. When you say it’s totally not true that you had children by other than his mother, is it, what are you referring to?

HW: No, it’s, no, I’m saying it’s not true when they’re talking about me paying for someone’s abortion. And so when they talk about me paying for someone’s abortion, that is not true. And all this stuff that is coming out is not true, you know. And I’m not sure what Christian is talking about, because he said some things. And I just said I love Christian. I’m not going to debate or talk about that, you know, out in public, because I need to know exactly what he’s talking about, or what he’s upset about with me and everything.

HH: All right, so let’s go to the campaign. I think that statement is as far as the audience needs to go. I know that Rick Scott believes you’re going to win. He told me that yesterday. Tom Cotton just told me you’re going to win in Georgia. What have these charges done, if anything, to the momentum for Team Herschel on the road?

HW: Well, I’m still doing what I was doing. I’m still getting the people out. And the people have seen it, and you know, it’s one thing. Somebody told me yesterday that I’ve never heard this statement before. He said Herschel, now you know about the October surprise. And I said I have never heard that statement before, and he said yeah, in October right before they get ready to go to the election, they come up with the October surprise for you. And I said I’ve never heard of that, but I said I’m going to win this election. And my crowds are still coming out, and I think that’s what everyone wants to talk about, I mean to say all the reporters want to talk about this. But the people in the audience seem, they want to talk about everything else.

HH: You know, Herschel, that might be part of your appeal. I was raised on October surprises. You know, Lyndon Johnson stopping the bombing of North Korea a month before the election, George W. Bush’s ancient DUI being dropped a week before the election that made a runaway close. You know, October surprises, if I had tattoos, it would be tattooed on me somewhere. So it is, you are clearly not a politician.

HW: No, I’m not. I’m not a politician. So when someone told me that statement, I had no clue what they were talking about. Right now, you know, I believe in America. I believe in the Georgia people. Right now, we need to know that, and people see it right now. Inflation is starting to go up again. Gas prices are starting to go up again. Right now, you know, this border is wide open, getting worse. Halloween is right around the corner, and they’re dressing fentanyl up to look like candy. And I want all the parents to be vigilant about that. That’s what the left don’t want to talk about, but I’m talking about that, because as I said, they can continue to try to hurt me by bringing up my past. It’s like robbing my old house. I don’t live there anymore.

HH: So Herschel, let’s close by talking about Pastor Warnock. I am amazed. I stayed away from the story about the domestic violence against his ex-wife or wife. I can’t remember who he ran over. But I didn’t do that when he ran in the runoff. It’s just not what I do on this show. Are you getting hit by a double standard in the media where the Pastor gets a pass on his double salary and you get hammered on anonymous allegations like this? Is it a double standard, and do Georgians know that?

HW: Well, I don’t think Georgians know that, but you know, that’s not something I really bring up, because I said it yesterday to someone who asked the same question. I said you know, right now, the people want to know what I’m going to be as a senator. And the allegations, when you say allegation, unless they’re true, unless I know they’re true, I don’t talk about it, because I think it’s unfair to the senator. I want to talk about his record. Right now, his record is terrible. His voting is terrible for Georgia. And then, you know, he’s done this in less than two years. And he’s asking for six more years. And my question is can we put up with this for six more years. I’m saying no, we can’t. We cannot continue to go like this for six more years.

HH: So Herschel Walker, to close, www.TeamHerschel.com is your website. How’s the money supply as you go into the last four weeks here?

HW: Well, I’ll tell you what. We’re hanging in there. You know, Senator Warnock, I think everyone saw he raised over $20-something million dollars, I think, at the end of his, at the end of the run. But what was so strange is I think only 8% of it was from Georgia. The rest was some from California and New York. And we’re doing well. We’re putting our numbers out, and I think we’ll still be in the top four, top three fundraisers on the Republican side. And so we’re out raising our money. We’re going to keep moving forward, and I’m going to go out and represent the Georgia people, because right now, people are hurting – this border wide open, with crime the way it is, this inflation is terrible right now. I’ve got to keep doing my job, keep getting out meeting the people, and saying my message so that people can see who I am. They can see my heart. They can see I’m here for them, that I will always be here for them, and I’m going to fight for them.

HH: www.TeamHerschel.com if you want to be part of Herschel Walker’s successful run for the Senate. I appreciate you coming on this morning, Herschel, in the middle of this storm and answering the questions straight up and directly. I appreciate it. Keep coming back.

HW: Well, thank you, and we’re going to win this thing. We’ve just got to stay together. Don’t let anyone divide us. We’ve got to stay together, and let’s get this state of Georgia back together. Let’s get this country back together. And the only way we can do that is in October. Everyone get out and vote, and they vote for people that believe in this country, and they vote for Herschel Walker, they believe in this country. They believe in each other, and we’re going to get this done.

HH: Thank you, Herschel. Early voting is going. I don’t know when it starts in Georgia, but it starts in October. Make sure you get out there and vote as soon as you can. Don’t let your vote not get counted because you delayed. Go and vote as soon as you can in Georgia, one of the early voting centers or by absentee. Thank you, Herschel Walker.