ICYMI: Georgia Launches Investigation Into Warnock’s Church Following Free Beacon Report

Friday, October 14th, 2022

ATLANTA – Today, the Washington Free Beacon reported that the Georgia Secretary of State Office’s Securities and Charities Division on Wednesday sent a letter to Ebenezer Building Foundation demanding that the charity explain why it is operating in the state without an active registration.

Georgia’s investigation was launched after the Free Beacon reported Tuesday that the Ebenezer Building Foundation owns 99 percent of Columbia Tower at MLK Village, a low-income apartment building in downtown Atlanta that moved to evict disadvantaged residents during the pandemic.

One lawsuit, which resulted in a court-ordered eviction, sought just $28.55 in past-due rent. The lawsuits were filed during the same timeframe Raphael Warnock attacked his political opponents for failing to safeguard struggling Georgians against pandemic-era evictions.

The letter was sent the same day a watchdog group filed a complaint with the IRS demanding an audit of Warnock’s church for concealing its 99 percent ownership stake in Columbia Tower at MLK Village in downtown Atlanta.

“Over the last year, Raphael Warnock’s income has doubled while his ‘charity’ has kicked the less fortunate to the curb,” said campaign spokesman Will Kiley. “Warnock has likely funneled millions of taxpayer dollars to the foundation he oversees without any oversight from the IRS or the state of Georgia. Hopefully some of the 87,000 new IRS agents Warnock hired to audit hard-working Georgians will take a close look at his operation so that the voters can know the truth about their Senator Reverend.”