Warnock Won’t Answer If His Church Tried To Evict Underprivileged Georgians

Friday, October 28th, 2022

ATLANTA ­– In Georgia’s U.S. Senate debate in Savannah, Raphael Warnock refused to give a straight answer on a number of topics, including why a housing complex owned by his church is trying to evict underprivileged Georgians.

In the days since, he has continued to lie, duck, and dodge these questions, even as public records reveal that eviction notices were sent to tenants, as recently as last week. Instead of answering for his actions, Warnock continues to give an unhinged response about Martin Luther King Jr, which has been dismissed as ridiculous and desperate by Dr. King’s niece Alveda King.

To make this very simple for him, Team Herschel is today asking Raphael Warnock the following question (and we’ll ask every day until he answers):

Yes or no, did the housing complex owned by your church try to evict more than a dozen tenants for as little as $28 in unpaid rent?

This is a very simple question that requires a very simple answer. The voters want to know if they can trust Warnock to fight for them instead of fighting only for himself and Joe Biden. If he does not believe Georgians deserve the truth, then he clearly does not deserve their vote.