Warnock Voted Against Families and Students

Friday, August 19, 2022

ATLANTA – Today, Team Herschel released the following statement after Raphael Warnock voted against supporting Georgia’s families and students.

Earlier this month, Raphael Warnock joined EVERY Senate Democrat in blindly supporting Joe Biden by voting against an amendment that would have supported middle-class families and students as they see the real-world impact of record-high inflation every day. Specifically, Warnock voted against increasing tax benefits he has previously supported, including the Child Tax Credit and several education-related tax deductions.

“Raphael Warnock will always fight harder for Joe Biden than for Georgians,” said spokesperson Mallory Blount. “Right now, Georgia’s hard-working families and students are struggling to put food on the table, pay their bills, and fill up their cars with 40-year-high inflation that Warnock voted for. Now, he can’t even be bothered to help clean up the mess he made. Raphael Warnock will always blindly support Joe Biden’s ridiculous spending, even if it means the people he is supposed to represent suffer.”