ICYMI: Herschel Walker: The Warnock-Biden Agenda Hurts Georgia Manufacturing

Thursday, August 4, 2022

ATLANTA – On Wednesday, August 3, Herschel Walker held a press conference in Dalton to discuss the proposed reconciliation bill that Raphael Warnock has blindly committed to supporting and how it will hurt Georgia businesses, especially our manufacturing industry.

“I’m going up against an opponent who says he looks forward to signing this [reconciliation] bill,” said Herschel Walker. “This bill will cripple American manufacturing, hurt Georgia businesses, raise taxes, hurt our supply chain, and make our competition with China very difficult. Has he even read the bill? Last week, I challenged him to a Lincoln-Douglas discussion to discuss this matter, but he was silent. Now, Georgia has lost over 32,000 jobs to China, and this bill will make that number skyrocket. This is unacceptable.”

Following Herschel’s remarks Tom Peeples, the Managing Partner of Performance Fabric Technologies, State Senator Chuck Payne of Dalton, and State Senator Jeff Mullis of Chickamauga delivered remarks.

“I can tell you, if you’ve spoken with any business people in the state of Georgia, you would know this bill is bad for Georgia,” said Tom Peeples, Managing Partner of Performance Fabric Technologies in Dalton. “It’s going to raise our taxes by $350 billion. It will cause not only my taxes to go up but also my supplier’s taxes to go up. I trust Herschel Walker, I trust his plan. He will run his office the way we run our businesses here in the State of Georgia.”

“I’ve had many conversations with Herschel since he announced his run for U.S. Senate… he is a man of conviction who is about faith, families, and service to Georgians,” said State Senator Chuck Payne of Dalton. “During a recession is not the time to do any of this reckless spending… Raphael Warnock went to Washington and forgot about Georgia workers. We’re supporting Herschel because he will never forget about Georgia working families and Georgia businesses.”

“A $350 billion tax increase. Joe Biden promised this, and Raphael Warnock delivered,” said State Senator Jeff Mullis of Chickamauga. “This will cripple manufacturing, as well as people’s lives and jobs in Georgia. While we’re the #1 State for Business in Georgia, this bill will hurt us and help China. Senator Warnock has done more to help Joe Biden than the people of Georgia. We need to replace Raphael Warnock with Herschel Walker. Please join me in helping change the U.S. Senate.”

To watch the press conference, click here.