ICYMI: Herschel Walker Brings Listening Tour to South Georgia, Joins RNC Grand Opening of Community Center in College Park

ATLANTA – This week, Herschel Walker brought his listening tour to South Georgia where he met with farmers, law enforcement, workers, and students. Herschel also participated in several national and local media interviews, released his first statewide digital ad, and went to College Park for the RNC’s new community center office opening.

Team Herschel Releases New Statewide Digital Ad: Small Town Role Model

This week, Team Herschel released a new statewide digital ad about Herschel’s hometown of Wrightsville, Georgia. The ad features Don Norton, Head Coach and Athletic Director of Johnson County High School.

“When you think of Herschel Walker, you think of Georgia,” Coach Norton says in the ad. “People always talk about what a great player he was. To me and to our kids here at Johnson County High School, he’s more of a role model and a fantastic human being. He treats everybody as if they are more important than he is.”

Watch the full ad here.