Warnock’s Big Success?

Wednesday, September 14th, 2022

ATLANTA – Today, Team Herschel released the following statement as Raphael Warnock continues to celebrate the state of the economy and the passage of the incorrectly named Inflation Reduction Act, a bill that Warnock praised early and often.

Yesterday, as the stock market saw the worst day in years, Washington Democrats threw themselves a party to pat themselves on the back.

“One of Raphael Warnock’s favorite things to talk about is his work to lower costs for Georgians,” said spokesman Will Kiley. “Despite his big talk, prices across the board are still higher than before Warnock and Biden came into office. Georgia’s families are still struggling but Warnock only cares about making himself rich, doubling his income since going to Washington. Georgians deserve a Senator who will actually work to make their lives better, not someone who blindly votes for Joe Biden’s agenda.”