Warnock Wants A Do-Over Tonight, Georgia Can’t Afford It

Sunday, October 16th, 2022

ATLANTA ­– Today, Team Herschel released the following statement ahead of Raphael Warnock attending the debate tonight hosted by the Atlanta Press Club. Unfortunately for Georgia voters, tonight will not feature the fair and honest line of questioning that Georgians witnessed during Friday night’s debate.

Instead, viewers will be subjected to a one-sided sham, hosted by Warnock’s liberal friends, many of whom even donated, not only to his own campaign, but also to many of his closest political allies like Joe Biden, Jon Ossoff, and Mark Kelly, according to a Free Beacon report.

However, Georgians will not be fooled, and they certainly will not forget Warnock’s complete refusal to directly answer any questions on Friday night. The people of Georgia still deserve answers to the following questions:

  • Why did Warnock promise to put Georgia first, then go to Washington and instead, put Joe Biden first, voting with him over 96% of the time?
  • Why won’t Warnock take responsibility for the economy failing and the record-high inflation that he and Joe Biden caused, which has led to higher prices on everything from gas to groceries?
  • Why did Warnock vote for the incorrectly named “Inflation Reduction Act,” which provided for the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents to take more money out of the pockets of the average Georgian?
  • Why did Warnock vote for massive, reckless government spending and raising taxes on people making less than $200,000, while doubling his own salary and receiving a sizable, tax-free housing stipend from Ebenezer Baptist Church?
  • Why did Warnock call police officers names and support soft-on-crime policies that have emboldened criminals and caused crime rates to skyrocket?
  • Why does Warnock support an open border, which has allowed millions of illegal immigrants and drugs to flow into this country?
  • Why did Warnock vote to allow men in women’s sports?
  • Why did Warnock not answer whether he supports any limits on abortion?
  • Why did Warnock lie and deny that his church threatened to evict tenants from Columbia Towers, even sending eviction notices to several residents?
  • Why did Warnock not answer whether he would support a Joe Biden presidential run in 2024?
  • Why did Warnock not answer whether he supports court-packing?

“Georgians watched Friday night as Herschel Walker dominated Raphael Warnock on the debate stage,” said campaign spokesman Will Kiley. “As expected, Warnock refused to answer a single question or give a real explanation for why he votes with Joe Biden 96% of the time, and the people of Georgia took notice. Warnock’s silence spoke volumes. After failing miserably in his first debate, Raphael Warnock wants a do-over, by attending tonight’s sham hosted by his liberal friends. Georgians know they cannot afford to give Warnock the do-over he so desperately seeks.”

“Meanwhile, Herschel Walker clearly and effectively laid out his plans to bring down inflation, reduce costs, secure the border, and crack down on crime, returning the power to law enforcement. He proved he is fully prepared to clean up the mess that Raphael Warnock and Joe Biden created and cemented himself as the clear choice to be Georgia’s next senator.”