Warnock Silent as Crime In Savannah Is Out Of Control

Thursday, October 13th, 2022

ATLANTA ­– Today, Team Herschel released a statement on out-of-control crime in Raphael Warnock’s hometown of Savannah. According to Savannah Police Department statistics, since 2021, rape is up 34%, aggravated assault with a gun is up 22%, and street robbery is up 16%. As a whole, violent crime in Savannah is up 13%. Recently, a report was published about Savannah being more dangerous than Atlanta.

“Crime is out of control in Raphael Warnock’s hometown,” said campaign spokesman Will Kiley. “After voting for Joe Biden’s soft-on-crime policies and actively speaking out against law enforcement, Warnock has put Georgians’ lives at risk. One would think that if Raphael Warnock cared about his hometown, he would do whatever is needed to help keep Georgians safe. He clearly cares more about himself and Biden’s woke agenda than Georgia.”