Warnock Gets Rich, Georgians Struggle to Get By

Monday, September 19th, 2022

ATLANTA – Today, Team Herschel released a statement on Raphael Warnock’s outside income far surpassing the financial limit as required by the Senate Ethics Committee as well as his shameless hypocrisy.

According to the Senate Ethics Committee website, the outside earned income salary threshold is $135,468, and the outside earned income limit is $29,895. According to Raphael Warnock’s recent financial disclosure, the $164,816 salary Warnock received from the Senate in 2021 represented just a fraction of the total income he earned throughout the year.

Warnock received $120,965 for his service at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, including a $7,417 monthly housing allowance, and a $243,750 advance for his book. What’s more, since Raphael Warnock was elected, his income has doubled.

Given that Raphael Warnock criticized Kelley Loeffler in 2020 and claimed she was using her position in the Senate for her personal enrichment, he is showing the people of Georgia just how big of a hypocrite he really is.

“Raphael Warnock’s hypocrisy, much like his outside income, has no limits,” said campaign spokesman Will Kiley. “In less than two years, Washington Warnock has fully emersed himself in the swamp, even though the people he represents are struggling to make ends meet. His shameless hypocrisy is appalling, especially considering votes he has taken have caused record-high inflation that hurts Georgia, with metro Atlanta consistently having one of the highest inflation rates in the country. Hard-working Georgians and their families deserve a Senator who works to make their lives better and put more money in their pockets, not his own.”