Warnock Finally Takes Responsibility for Biden’s Supply Chain and Inflation Woes

ATLANTA – In April, Raphael Warnock told Georgians that he was not a “magician” and could not fix the many problems in Washington that he helped create such as inflation, high gas prices, supply chain issues, and a border crisis.

Today, Warnock is claiming he not only helped fixed the supply chain crisis [fact check: false, still broken], but that he “helped lower prices” [fact check: definitely false]!

Georgians are still not getting what they need thanks to an out-of-whack supply chain. They are paying record prices at the grocery store and when they fill up at the pump.

Warnock wants voters to believe he went from “not a magician” to expert problem solver in just a few months. But the truth is, the supply chain problem is not fixed and Raphael Warnock and his voting record are making the situation worse.

Here’s a trip down memory lane of votes Warnock has taken that have made prices go up, not down:

  • Warnock votes with President Biden 96% of the time, wholeheartedly supporting his economic agenda.
  • Warnock has supported every new spending proposal of the Biden Administration, including “Build Back Broke” which included trillions more in wasteful spending.
  • Warnock supported an energy tax that would push gas and utility bills higher.
  • Warnock voted against the Keystone XL Pipeline.
  • Warnock voted to restrict U.S. energy production, including fracking, making us more dependent on foreign suppliers.

Like the Washington politician he is, Raphael Warnock will say and do anything to try to win an election, no matter what the truth is,” said spokesperson Mallory Blount. “The truth is, Raphael Warnock has done nothing to fix the supply chain and inflation crises in Georgia. In fact, he has actively made it worse. He supports Joe Biden’s agenda almost 100% of the time and has voted to increase prices on Georgia families.