Team Herschel: Warnock Ad a Disgraceful Lie

ATLANTA – Today, Team Herschel issued a response to Raphael Warnock’s latest ad, which is a blatant lie. Below is a statement from Universal Health Services, the parent company of the Patriot Support Program, where Herschel served as spokesman for over a decade.

“[Herschel] served as spokesperson for our Anti-Stigma campaign,” said UHS spokesperson Jane Crawford. “[He] encouraged, motivated and supported individuals who were undergoing treatment provided by our clinical personnel. He participated in activities and always reminded them there is no shame in seeking help. Herschel was also a spokesperson for awareness generation and community outreach.”

Raphael Warnock will say or do anything to win this election, except, of course, fix the economy. We call on the Warnock campaign to take this false ad down immediately because it’s a blatant lie and he knows it.