Setting the Record Straight on Warnock’s False and Misleading Attack Ad

ATLANTA – Last week, Warnock’s allies launched a misleading attack ad against Herschel Walker, which was filled with distortions and flat-out lies. The accusations levied in the ad were brought against Universal Health Services. Herschel Walker played zero role in the founding of Universal Health Services, and the allegations against the company had absolutely nothing to do with Herschel. In fact, the very documentation used to create the ad clearly states that “there’s no suggestion that Herschel Walker was directly involved in any wrongdoing at the hospitals.”

The truth is, Herschel is an ardent supporter of our great men and women in uniform and was honored to serve as spokesman for the Patriot Support Program for more than a decade. Herschel used that platform to raise awareness for the mental health of our men and women in uniform — his sole purpose with the organization. Long before Herschel Walker became a football star, he wanted to be a Marine. Though life took him down a different path, Herschel’s love and desire to serve our military never wavered. Herschel has dedicated his life to visiting more than four hundred bases around the world sharing his story with our troops to encourage them to seek treatment and find healing.

“Raphael Warnock knows if this race is about the issues he will lose,” spokesperson Mallory Blount said. “Raphael Warnock will do anything to avoid discussing gas prices and inflation, and this is proof of that reality. It’s a lie, they know it’s a lie, and Georgia voters will see right through it.”

In response to the blatantly untrue ad, several Georgia veterans reached out to the campaign offering to share testimonials of how Herschel’s work with mental health and the military personally touched their lives. Their statements are partially listed below and are available in full upon request.

“When I saw this ad, I thought to myself, ‘What a blatant lie,’” said Celestine James, United States Army Veteran of 3 years with 6 years in the Army Reserves. “Herschel Walker has been an able spokesperson for years, telling his personal story about his struggles with mental illness to erase the stigma. His ongoing commitment to helping our men and women in uniform has brought a new perspective as to how mental illness is viewed. Shame on those who would try to lie on a man who has done so much for our military. I am honored to call Herschel Walker a friend, and would gladly stand with him on any platform and defend his record of service to our men and women in uniform.”

“To me, one of the most disturbing facts about our veterans is the devastating suicide rate. Herschel has dedicated his life to changing that,” said Phil Forsberg, United States Army Veteran of 29 years. “Thanks to Herschel and those like him […] many veterans are now OK to admit they are not OK, and to seek the help they truly need. Herschel has helped thousands of our troops see that there is no shame in asking for help. Our troops are expected to serve with honor, and it’s shameful for anyone to demonize Herschel for the great work he has done and to accuse him of taking advantage of the very folks he has endeavored to help — just to deceive voters and gain some shameful advantage in an election.”