New Team Herschel Ad: Coach Dooley

Thursday, October 20th, 2022

ATLANTA – Today, Team Herschel released a new statewide campaign ad: Coach Dooley.

Text of Coach Dooley:

I admired Herschel from the beginning. Herschel has always been challenged about doing things that people thought he wasn’t capable of doing.

He wants to be the best, and he is driven to do that, disciplined himself to do that. Falls sometimes along the way, but he gets back up, and with his incredible drive, determination, and self-discipline, he has achieved mighty things.

He’s a real patriot of this country. He loves the United States of America. He also is realistic that it can be better.

He’s been through a lot of that himself. He is not a, quote, politician. There is a need in this country, there is a need in this state, for someone like Herschel.

Knowing him, the character that he has, he will make a great United States Senator.

Watch the new ad here.