ICYMI: Herschel Walker Joins Voice of Rural America With Brian Pritchard

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

ATLANTA – This morning, Herschel Walker joined Brian Pritchard with Voice of Rural America to discuss Raphael Warnock’s disastrous vote on the partisan reconciliation bill, the latest on Warnock dodging debates, and the recent attacks on Herschel. To listen to the full interview, click HERE.

Brian Pritchard asked, “How do you feel you can match up with Raphael Warnock, a sitting senator, on the issues on the debate stage?”

“I will beat Raphael Warnock on the debate stage, and that’s the reason he doesn’t want to face me,” said Herschel Walker. “What [the Warnock campaign] wants to do is continue to do these commercials about how I won’t do a debate. Well, let’s show the people who we are. [Warnock needs to] quit being a chicken and come to [his] hometown… and debate Herschel Walker. Debate me on October 14th in front of a statewide audience, and then we can see who knows the issues. He has to explain himself, which he doesn’t want to do in front of people.

“I don’t need to explain myself. I didn’t vote for [the Reconciliation bill]. And he’s terrible for that. He voted for that. We’ve got to hold [Raphael Warnock] accountable for the things he’s voted for, and he doesn’t want to do that.”