Herschel Walker Issues Statement on Supreme Court Confirmation of Judge Jackson

ATLANTA – Today, Herschel Walker issued a statement about the confirmation of Judge Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“I would not have voted to confirm Judge Jackson to the Supreme Court,” said Herschel Walker. “Her record has shown her to be lenient on criminals, supportive of Critical Race Theory, and open to court packing. We need Supreme Court justices who will uphold the U.S. Constitution – not advocate for progressive policies from the bench.

This should have been about her record but was instead about checking a box — President Biden himself admitted to nominating Judge Jackson largely because of her race and gender. We have got to stop dividing Americans based on what they look like and instead focus on finding the best people for the job. President Biden and Senator Warnock do not understand that and they never will.

Senator Warnock had a chance to fight for a Supreme Court justice who respects the Constitution and the rule of law. Yet again – as he has done 95% of the time – Senator Warnock sided with President Biden and caved to the far-Left wing of the Democratic Party. This November, Raphael Warnock will have to answer for his record.”