Herschel Walker: “Georgia Deserves a Fighter and a Leader…I’m Ready to Be That Leader”

Monday, October 24th, 2022

ATLANTA – Two weeks out from election day, the contrast in the Georgia Senate race could not be clearer. While Herschel Walker is committed to fighting for Georgia families to stop the radical policies of this Administration, Raphael Warnock only fights for himself and for Joe Biden.

Over the final two weeks of this campaign, voters will hear loud and clear why Herschel Walker is the best choice to represent the people of Georgia on November 8th.

“I will go to Washington and fight for Georgia families. I will stop Joe Biden and Raphael Warnock’s woke and radical agenda and stop their reckless spending, boost American energy production, secure the border, and support our military and law enforcement,” said Herschel Walker. “Raphael Warnock has spent two years in Washington fighting only for himself, his own pocketbook, and for Joe Biden. Georgia deserves a fighter and a leader, not another pawn for woke Washington politicians. I’m ready to be that leader.”