Herschel Walker Calls Out Warnock for Lack of Transparency

ATLANTA – Today, Herschel Walker issued a statement regarding Senator Warnock’s failure to provide accountability and transparency to Georgia taxpayers concerning his Senate financial disclosure reports.

“What is Senator Warnock hiding? Warnock’s lack of transparency in the Senate is confirming what we already know — he doesn’t have Georgia’s best interests at heart,” said Herschel Walker. “He is not only voting nearly 100% of the time with President Biden’s failed agenda, but he’s shown a complete lack of transparency to his constituents about his office budget. This is the problem with Washington — we send money up there, politicians spend it, no one knows where it goes, and no one cares enough to figure that out and tell taxpayers the truth. It’s got to stop, and it will when I’m elected.”

Below are some key points from the article:

  • Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) won his seat in a 2021 special election and faces a re-election contest this year. Georgians should already have access to nearly a year of his office’s financial expenditures data. Currently, they have just a few months of data.
  • The big picture: The Senate expense reports are designed to provide a measure of transparency in the Senate’s operations — both for the public and congressional staffers themselves.