Herschel Hears From Truck Drivers in Albany, Tours Local Businesses in Irwin County, Holds Roundtable in St. Simons

ATLANTA – Last week, Herschel continued his listening tour, visiting Albany, Irwin County, and St. Simons.

Earlier last week, Herschel traveled to Albany, Georgia where he visited Southern AG Carriers and met with local truck drivers and business leaders. Herschel heard from several truck drivers about their tireless work to keep things moving through Georgia over the past year during the pandemic, along with the issues presented by delays in the supply chain.

While in town, he also stopped by the Albany State University Golden Rams football field to say hello to the players. He shared his personal story and encouraged them to work hard and help others along the way.

On Wednesday, Herschel stopped by the family-owned Morehead Country Store where he shook hands with local patrons and met the Peanut Commissioner, Armond Morris. After visiting the Country Store, he was invited to tour the Morehead Pecan Company and learn more about their business.

Ahead of the Georgia-Florida game, Herschel traveled to St. Simons to participate in a listening tour roundtable with local business leaders, law enforcement officials, the former Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Ralph Basham, and former U.S. Senator Mack Mattingly.

Herschel talked about the importance of bringing people together to get things done. “We’ve got to have people coming together to do this,” Walker said. “I can’t do it alone … We have to move forward. If we move forward, we’re going to win the seat and we’re going to win this country back.”