Does Raphael Warnock Work for China or Georgia?

ATLANTA — This weekend, Herschel Walker called out China for being the world’s number one polluter and for unleashing the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Unlike Senator Warnock, who votes in lockstep with Joe Biden, Herschel is not afraid to stand up to the Chinese Communist Party and their actions, which have directly harmed Georgia’s hard-working families.

Raphael Warnock voted AGAINST holding the Chinese Communist Party, the biggest polluter in the world, to the same emissions standards as the United States. Raphael Warnock has NEVER called for a full investigation into the origins of COVID-19, which originated in China,” said spokesperson Mallory Blount. “Georgians need to ask why their junior Senator refuses to act to keep their families safe from the threats of the Chinese Communist Party. We have one simple question: does Raphael Warnock work for China or does he work for Georgia?